Ying Yun Chen(Tainan, Taiwan)

 Base in Düsseldorf.

Ying Yun Chen, originally from Taiwan, has a diverse background in Chinese opera, kung-fu, ballet, contemporary dance, and improvisation. After graduating from the Taiwan National University of the Arts, she pursued further dance education in Germany at Folkwang University of the Arts.

During her studies, Ying performed in various choreographies and developed her own works, receiving recognition and awards at dance festivals. She joined Folkwang Tanz Studio (FTS) and expanded her experience by collaborating with different artists and dance companies.

Ying has toured internationally, performing in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. She has also worked on productions supported by renowned institutions like Pina Bausch Fellowship and Goethe-Institut.

She has been collaborating with Alexandra Waierstall since 2019, participating in productions and performances across Europe. Ying's artistic endeavors include solo performances, video works, and interdisciplinary collaborations with musicians.

In addition, Ying has exhibited her works in solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Taiwan. She has received funding for her artistic creation plans and has been invited to showcase her work at prestigious art centers.

Her journey continues with upcoming projects, including exhibitions, performances, and collaborations, such as the premiere screening of a short film and participation in dance festivals.

In summary, Ying Yun Chen is a versatile and accomplished dancer and artist, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic territories in the realm of contemporary dance.

Experience in Dessau,Germany 

Real-Time composition music and dance- Chun Fa Bar (Tainan, Taiwan)

Ying improvisation(Research and performance)


The kurt joos prize 2019 -being far away from - clip

Solo: A~Z PART 1

when I create the movement, I didn't know what the next movement. But I tried to find the possibility from the movement to the next movement.
I tried to be like the concept from A~ Z. Each alphabet is different but it makes sense for the order. So for me, I created the movement like the concept of A~ Z.
we don’t question why the A next is B and C ….and I am interested in what is my ABC….
So this concept makes the movements never repeat and make sense for me.

For the first part,Starting from a non-human role to record the pictures and images of nature, animals, face, form ….from daily life. Sometimes I became the mountain …or sea…..
Experience the quality, shape, surface, under surface, emotion, reaction and input. And fixedly step by step. Without one of the step will stillness. Like the pendulum, without the ball hit another ball. It doesn't make the move start.

Solo PART 2

Part of piece (solo from Ying Yun Chen) impro

 BODIES and STRUCTURE- Alexandra Waierstall

„ARENA“ - Rita McBride

Choreografie, Konzept: - Alexandra Waierstall
Künstlerische Zusammenarbeit: - Rita McBride
Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Marianna Christofides
Komposition: Stavros Gasparatos
Lichtdesign: Caty Olive Choreografische Assistenz, Performance: Harry Koushos
Performance,Damien Fournier, Scott Jennings, Georgios Kotsifakis, Bandi Meszerics, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Eftychia Stefanou, Karolina Szymura, Emmi Väisänen, Ying Yun Chen
Ausstattung: Alexandra Waierstall, HorstWeierstall - Beratung Kostüme: Lucia Vonrhein, Mareike Nothdurft - Leitung Aufbau „Arena“: Glen Rubsamen - Aufbau „Arena“: Paul Budniewski, Timo Lütke Deckenbrock, Benjamín Urzúa - Management: Judith Jaeger - Produktionsassistenz: Christoph Speit
Eine Produktion von Alexandra Waierstall
koproduziert durch das tanzhaus nrw

Gefördert durch das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaftdes Landes NRW, das Kulturamt der
Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der
Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien und dieKunststiftung NRW
filmed by Ananda PAUNOVITCH-NEVES MARINHO und Klaus Dilger
in the frame work of TANZweb.org laboratory dance&dare

Maschinenhaus Nische mit Ying Yun Chen und Simon Camatta

Premiere am 02.&03.11.2018
Choreographie: Marie-Lena Kaiser
Tanz: Enis Turan, Jordan Gigout, Ying Yun Chen, Clemence Dieny.
Musik: Friedemann Brennecke
Kostüm und Bühne: Noemi Baumblatt

Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW im Rahmen der Individuellen Künstlerinnen- und Künstlerförderung (IKF), einem Projekt der ecce GmbH sowie von der Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf, der Stadt Essen und dem Landesbüro für freie Darstellende Künste NRW, MINUTE.

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